#67 Chalmers short stories

PhD students at Chalmers learning how to make a science podcast.

Teachers and PhD students at Chalmers participating in a workshop on how to make a science podcast.

What´s the science behind self driving cars, hospital entry architecture and faster computers? In this episode we meet eight PhD-students presenting five minutes stories about their research projects at Chalmers University of Technology. We also talk to Dr. Raychelle Burks from St. Edwards University in Texas and Professor Lars Öhrström from Chalmers, about how they work to get science out to the society. Come along with RadioScience to a workshop on science communication, a warm and sunny day in June. We went to Gothenburg to give tips and tricks on recording and editing a podcast. In return we got eight really interesting short stories within the field of technology.

In addition, Raychelle Burks reads the post ”Because she didn’t die” from her blog thirty-seven and Lars Öhrström gives us a taste from his book ”The rhubarb connection – the everyday world of metal ions” – to be published in December.

This episode was produced in collaboration with teachers and students at the workshop on popular science communication at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.